WELCOME, 2017!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

2016 has flown by so quickly and I haven't posted any blog post in the last two month! Such a shame! My only excuse is that I was really busy with my YouTube channel, where I've reached 15K subscribers, which was one of the biggest success of 2016. This blogpost is supposed to be an explanation for the past and a little sneak peak of the future!  

To be honest I really didn't have any inspiration for writing besides the lack of time to take care of my blog properly. Hopefully this will change in 2017 but mybe not, I'm not promising anything. This is the first time for a long time that I have the mood for writing! I'm really bad in casting my words into thoughts, I'm much better in videography and pictures, they are much more my kind of thing and thats what I'm planning to increase in the new year! 

In 2016 I crossed a big hurdle of mine and I started to do speaking videos both in english and hungarian! I'm not the best english speaker in the world but none of my subscribers complained about my grammer mistakes which is good enough for me. Sometimes challenging yourself can be a good thing and 2017 will be full of challenges both in my blogging/vlogging and career life! It's little scary standing before such changes but sometimes it's necessary to take some risks!

new year

In 2017 I'm still planning to concentrate on my YouTube channel and that will be my main content sharing platform. I would love to get better in film making and create much more spectacular and interesting videos. My topic is still going to be fashion and lifestyle but from now much less makeup. 

I love taking pictures and maybe in this year I'm going to have more time for doing that. Now I only make pictures for my Instagram and that is why I don't have as many blogposts as I had. Since I finished school and started to work it's really hard to create regular content but I still love doing this! It's funny when I think back to collage when I had so many free time and now I know that I didn't used it properly. That's part of growing up, I guess. 

Speaking of... I'm 25 already. It really feels like I'm just on the threshold of something new. We will see!

new year

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