Tuesday, July 12, 2016

minimalistic outfit
minimalistic outfit
minimalistic style
minimalistic outfit

Hi Everyone! I’ve disappeared for a while from the blog just because I’ve a lot of things going on with my YouTube channel! A lot of new collaborations are coming and I’m taking YouTube much more seriously than ever before. Next to a full time job and being a half time YouTuber it’s really hard to create content for my blog too. I’m not saying that I will quit blogging, because I would never do that! I love blogging and taking photos as well just right know I feel like I can live out my creativity much more through videos and on my channel.

I will continue blogging in a lower level. I will try to post once a week, at least to write something about what is happening on my channel and in my life. Fashion and beauty are my biggest passion in life and if you like my style just come and follow me on my YouTube channel where I will be uploading much more regularly. Lot of beauty videos and make up tutorial are coming both in Hungarian and in English. I’m planning to do one fashion and one beauty video in a week so it will take a lot of time but I truly love doing it! I’m planning to do much more personal videos where you can get to know my personal life much more. So, I’m planning to turn my blog into a page for my YouTube channel, but a s I said outfit photos are still coming!

Now, to a little bit more personal stuff, recently I’ve spent a lot of time with decorating my little home office, which is basically the location of most of my videos. I wanted a really nice background for my videos and as I’m a really minimalistic person I didn’t wanted anything too conspicuous. So, I’ve sticked with the classic white walls and furniture and I decided to place the focus on decorations. I’ve mixed up black & white with some green plants and some metallic details and I love the results! If you want to see the full room you should check out my minimalist lookbook video where I’ve used it as a background. I’ve searched on Pinterest for days to figure out what kind of theme I wanna create and I’m glad that I’ve chosen black & white, totally minimalistic and totally me.

Other than room decorating and doing YouTube I can’t really have time for much more. From Monday to Friday I’m working on my full time job and do some running at the evenings. Next to these I try to be with my boyfriend and just enjoy our life together. I’m really looking forward for the festival season and for some weekend getaways that can fit into our busy schedule.

I just wanted to give you a little update about what is happening with me recently. I hope you have an amazing summer and a lot of vacation in plan! Love, B

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