Tuesday, May 24, 2016

how i take instagram photos

Social media lives its golden ages and for me Instagram is my favourite. Building a nice instagram feed which represents you truly is not as easy as it seems. You have to think about the concept, what kind of content you wanna share, the size of your images or what kind of theme you create. Nowadays instagram is important even for businesses, so I think that building your instagram feed consciously can have a benefit for everyone. I think to my Instagram feed as to my blog or youtube channel. It is a way I express myself and I like to take care of it judiciously. Keep reading if you are interested about how I take my instagram photos and don't forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM if you haven't already.


One of the most important thing when you take any kind of photos with any kind of camera is to shoot in natural lighting. It will make your photos much better, sharper and the lighting will be perfect so you don't have to care about it during editing. The best is if you place your subject in front of a big window and take the photo there. 


When you look at an instagram feed it's important what kind of impression you get for the first view. If your images are all in a different size it can be confusing for a fresh eye. If you decide how to crop your photos just stick to it. This way your feed will look more coordinated. 


Try to achieve the same effect on all your pics. Use the same editing tools or filters so your photos will look much more put together. It can be hard, because probably you take photos in defferent places but if you wanna build a thematical instagram feed you have to consider the location, the background, the subject and use only those pics that fits into your theme and use the same editing so your photos will fit together.


Although you should keep your posts to your theme be diversified with your content. So, if you are a fashion blogger and usually post outfit photos mix them up with something different. Flatlays and food pics are perfect for that! My personal favourites are coffee pics, but you've probably noticed that already! 

Lately I really like white themed instagram feeds so a few days ago I started to divert my posts to this direction and I'm pretty satisfied with the current look of my feed, but let me know what you think! You can see my Instagram on this link: @fashiondesirexo

how to take instagram photos

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