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trip tips amsterdam

Hi, Guys! As I mentioned in my DARK WASH MOM JEANS outfit post, I've been in the Netherlands a few weeks ago and I would like to share some of my experiences with you. Going to a different country where you've never been before can be tricky. I've researched a lot for advice to a trip in the Netherlands and they were really helpful, so that's why I give you my top 5 tips for a Holland trip. 
During our trip we have visited different parts of the Netherlands and everything was beautiful. We have visited the big cities and some little villages too and I've collected the 5 best things to do in the Netherlands. Let's see them: 

trip tips amsterdam


Try out little restaurants! In the Netherlands there are a lot of really good restaurants but the bests are always in the middle of little streets. The people are really kind and helpful and the food is delicious! What I really liked about the dutch restaurants that they prepare food in a really nice way and you always get something extra gift with your order. 

trip tips amsterdam


The best way to explore the big cities of Netherland is to rent/buy a bicycle. Almost every street has a bike shop with old and new bikes to rent or buy them. If you are planning a longer trip a bike can be pretty handful. The bycicle transport is really well-designed in Amsterdam and with a bike you can be anywhere within 5-10 minutes, so you can see the best things of Amsterdam in one day.

trip tips amsterdam


It can sound like a cliche but what would a Netherland trip be without some tulips? Okay, so tulips are everywhere, on the streets, on the flower market (even in wood form) and on the shop windows. My little tip is to buy tulips from a little village, because you can find much nicer and cheaper bouquets there.

trip tips amsterdam


The dutches are really well-known about there nice cafés. My next tip would be to try out as many as you can! The coffee is delicious and decoreted amazingly but the best thing is the interior of the cafés. If you walk in a café it feels like home or at least like Ikea which is not a bad thing to, right? 

trip tips amsterdam


My next tip is true mostly for Amsterdam. Next to the bike you really need to go in a cruise trip. You can see the beautiful streets and canals of Amstardem from a different angle and it is beautiful! There are a lot of options for this kind of trip and a boat starts in almost every hour so you can jump on anytime during the day. My tip would be to go on a cruise at least twice: once in daytime and once at night with the street lights Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

trip tips amsterdam


I've mentioned it before too but if you plan a longer trip to the Netherlands you should visit the little villages too not just the big cities. My number one tip would be Marken. It's a little fishing island from north of Amsterdam. The architecture of the village is beautiful and it has some little shops and restaurants for tourists. When you are there it feels like a different planet like in a tale.

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