Sunday, March 29, 2015

Being healthy and being balanced with yourself is really important nowadays. Life is running crazy, all the works, schedules and activities we need to do on a simple day. If you wanna be succesful and not being tired and deffuse all the time you have to make thing that power up your body. Healty lifestyle only have 3 main rules

1. EAT CLEAN: Fruits, vegetables and protein are really important for your body. I usually start the day with fruits, like a shake or fruits with greek joghurt. It gives lot of power to you at the morning and if you want something more concentrated you can add  some oat to them. For lunch I combine protein with carbohydrate. That means usually chicken/fish with some stewed vegetables or brown rice. For dinner I try to eat only protein, so some kind of meat, but usually I eat it with some vegetable. 

2. DRINK LOT OF WATER: You should drink at least 2 liters of water on a day, it can be hard, especially if you are like me because I just always forget about it. But, it's really important! Water is good for your methabolism and your skin too. If you don't like plain water, like me, with some sliced fruits you can make it delicious and beautiful looking. 

3. EXERCISE: Experts say, you should exercise evryday for at least 20 minutes. Let's be real, we don't always have the time or the power for that, but I still think that we should work out three-four times a week for an hour. Jogging and running are good, they move the whole body, or you can go to different dance classes or aerobic. I love jump roping, if you are searching for something different. The point is, you should find a work out that you like doing and enjoy. 

If you follow these rules you give the right power to your body and you can enjoy your days a lot more. From this, it only takes on the mind. When your body is balanced you can start to balance your mind too. Get organized, plan your days, use a calendar, sleep enough, give aims to every day and don't forget to relax while achieving them. 

Being healthy is not easy, espacially when there are so many delicious but unhealthy stuff out there. You shouldn't feel guilty when sometimes you cheat a little with the meals, we all have bad days when only a scoop of icecream can help. Just eat fourth as more healthy fod than unhealthy and you're going to be okay. And the most important rule: You have to love yourself the way you are, maybe you eat healthy for weight loss or to gain weight or just to feel better, the point is that you have to love being in your body during the whole time!

I hope you like the new Sunday Post Series, when I write about something dirfferent from fashion. Let me know if it was helpful for you! Love, B

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