Sunday, March 15, 2015

As I promised I'm going to talk about my new Benefit products a little bit more detailed. S I have ordered two Benefit kits from and they are: "Primping with the stars" and "The bronze of the championes". 

Primping with the stars contains mostly face makeup products, so with this kit you can make a nice base to your face. It has came with a face and eyelid primer, so your make up could stay longer on your skin and not melting off, plus it has a nice creamy highlighter and a medium shade concealer so with these products your face can be healthy looking and glowy. For cheeks and lips it comes with the smaller sized Benetint, for the first see it looks like a nail polish but it's a liqued blush with a brush applicator and you can use it on you lips too, it has a beautiful light pink colour after application but you have to be really quick, otherwise it can dry in strokes. 
The product that can be found in almost every Benefit kit is the "They are real" mascara, probably the best product of Benefit, the whole internet says good thing about it and to be honest I never had a mascara before that made my lashes so big and full looking, it is perfect! 
I have never been sure if primers really do work or it is just a fairytale and I'm not sure right at this moment too, I have tried out the two products and they blend into the skin really nicely but I didn't recognized any difference. But the cream highlighter and the mascara are my favourites from this kit, I'm probably gonna buy the full size versions too. 
This kit is perfect for those who prefer a nice looking face without any heavy eye makeup.

I have felt in love with The bronze of the campions kit as soon as I saw it on the website. It contains almost every Benefit products I have ever wanted to try out. 
So, it comes with the beautiful What's up stick highlighter, which gives the nicest glow to the cheeks I have ever seen, it can be a little tricky to apply, if you use too much it can give a little too obvious glow. It has a cream and a powder eyeshadow in it too plus the hoola lipgloss, really good products but nothing special, nevertheless the hoola bronzer with the brush are perfect, it can be really hard to find a good bronzer, but I'm promising you this looks good on any skintypes, I was a little worried, because my skin can be really pale sometimes and I don't have the perfect olive brown skin, but it works for me just as good. 
Probably the hoola bronzer and the what's up highlighter are going to be my other purchases from benefit. I can't wait to use this kit at the summer when I've already got some tan, so the bronzing effect can be more intense.

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