Monday, December 22, 2014


    The malls and the streets are full of people, everyone is doing last minute shopping and everyone is going crazy. I just saw a lot of mad people today, they were so stressfull because of the late gift shopping. I'm not different too, we had to buy some presents today, but luckily we already knew what we want to buy and just found everything in an hour. I was really happy that everything went well. Here is our strategy how to shop in last minute:
  • I think that the main point is that you have to be really decided. Just make a plan before the shopping. Think about who do you have to buy a present for, what kind of present you wanna buy and which shops you have to visit on the first place for these gifts. 
  • After the planning you can go to the mall or supermarket. If you are there you have to go straight to the shop you planned before and search straight for the product you wanna buy. 
  • When you found it, don't hasitate just buy it, and you can go for the next gift idea. Important! Don't start to look around for random stuff, remember you have to buy things for your loved ones and not for yourself this time. When you have bought everything and you still have some free time you can start shopping for yourself. 
  • And my last advice, which is really important, don't let other people make you mad! Let's face it, christmas is in the corner so people are mad, sellers are mad but it doesn't mean you have to be mad too. If someone is rude to you don't let it make an influence on you. This should be the happiest time of the year just think about that in a few days you can be with your familiy and enjoy each others company. So smile a lot and don't let others bring you down
    These were my four last minute shopping advice for the holidays. I really hope it is going to be helpful for some of you and let me know if you have some advice too. 

    A few words about the outfit too, really casual shopping look, the main point is the layering. It's really cold outdoor but malls and the hurrying can be really hot so it's good if you can throw on a little jacket on your sweater. Love the combination of a warm sweater and a denim jacket. I'm really happy that we could find everything we wanted to so now we can relax until the holidays. 

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