Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Between two paraghraps of my thesis/dissertation I just had to write something about my new Zara parfume. I got it a few days ago and the scent is called "NIGHT", so romantic, and it has a really feminine, really sweet scent, furthermore the packeging is beautiful. To be totally honest it doesn't long too much on the skin, so I should use it more than once on a day, and that means I should bring it with me wherever I go, but to avoid that problem I got a little 10ml version of the Zara "Femme" parfume, which is as good smelling as the Night version, but it has a much more flowery scent, so I can use it during the daytime. It was the first time that I tried out Zara parfumes and I really like them, I already decided which one I will buy next, so if any of you is searching for good parfumes, you should check out Zara, in my opinion. Now, back to the work, deadlines are so close and I have so much to do! Whish me luck! ByE! B

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