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Sunday, August 24, 2014

This summer was the season of sunflowers, you could find them everywhere, on clothes, on crowns, nails, magazines, decorations, phone cases even on cakes. Sunflowers definitely ruled in the last few month, but it's not that suprising they are beautiful. Keep calm, I'm not writing a post about the loveliness of sunflowers, just thought worth to mention it, let's get into the beauty and fashion stuff. 

The end of the summer is closer in every minute which is a little sad, but everyone is full of new, beautiful memories which we never forget. Probably it was one of the most amazing summers I have ever had, I wish I could have share more of it with you but these thing are a little too personal just to show to the world yet. So, enough from rambling, here are some of my most used thing from the summer of 2014, I love all of these goodies, most of it is fashion related but there were some beauty stuff too that made me really happy.

1.Thrifted 2. Zara 3. CropTown

First of all, I'm not that shorts kind of girl, who know me can tell that I live in skirts during the summer, but this year I couldn't reduce my desire of shopping some shorts. I like them a lot, perfect for festivals, going outs and lazy days at home. I still wear skirts most of the time, but some changing always feels good. I love the details on the shorts, they make them so fancy, especially on the Zara one, just so pretty with the crochet flowers.

1. Converse 2. New Look

As for shoes, I wore my converse a lot, thanks to some crazy festival nights it's not as white as before, but I still love them, probably gonna wear them as long as I can, only winter can stop me, but nothing else. My other favourites are these simple black strapy sandals from New Look, they are so so pretty, but to be honest I only wore them once during the summer and there are two reasons why. First of all, I can't really walk in these 4" heels and second of all I'm not gonna learn it during the 35 degree summer days... call me lazy, but I just couldn't.  Right now, they are mostly just a part of my room decoration, but I'm not giving up, definitely gonna rock them during fall.

1. - 2. H&M 3. Promod

Onto some jewellery, loving my gold necklace with the lovely medal which I got from my parents, so pretty and make every outfit a little bit more "put together". Than, my H&M necklace, I have been wearing it on most of the days, really like how it looks with a V neck top, the contrast makes the look more interesting, I guess. Lastly, my Promod watch which you have probably seen a thousand times on me already, but I can't stop wearing it, it's originally gold coloured but I used it so much that the paint is almast totally came off. The funny thing is that I lost it during Sziget festival, and I was so sad because of it but the next day my friends just found it, so it's like faith, it belongs to me truly. 

Finally, some beauty stuff too, I have already mentioned that I became a Sigma affiliate a month ago and they send me a gift with some amazing products in it. I love, love these Sigma brushes, theye are amazing I never thought that a brush can make such a huge difference on your make up, but now, I'm sure it does, can't wait to put my hands on some more Sigma products. If you don't know the brand just yet, visit there page, if you like make up, it will worth it, I promise. SIGMA

Wow, writing just felt so good right know, I can't remember when was the last time I could spend this much time on my blog, but it always makes me so happy. Let me know, which were your favourite items in this summer, please!

Have a nice day,

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