Festival Look

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dress - Bershka, Hat - Ebay, Boots - CropTown, Watch - Promod

I have already written about that in this summer I started my festival life, haha, not joking, I have never been before on a festival, but this summer I attended on two of them, so my wardrobe became pretty festival based. One of my recent perchase is this lovely feather printed dress, the colour and the shape of it makes it really festivaly- Two things, that I learned during festivals and  applyed into this look: a hat is perfect if the sun is too shiny and on a festival you better wear boots if you wanna survive the night 'cause everyone is gonna stepping on your feet. Besides these facts, festivals are amazing! I really enjoyed each of them and hopefully I can get to go to more festivals in the future.

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