Mini Oven

Saturday, May 3, 2014

     I love basic pieces, you can style them in so many different ways. As you can see almost everything is from H&M Basics, simple pieces, but together they can be really pretty and trendy. These high waisted pants are my new favourites in my wardrobe, I guess it's not new to you because you could see them in almost every previous posts. I used a summery filter on the photos, called Mini Oven, so that's where the title is comming from and thet's why the lights are so warm.
      I made these pics a few weeks ago and totally forget about them and considering the fact that I'm not too good in posting recently I thought it's time to use these oldies. The sad thing is that since than my Converse babies are gone, I used them to death and I'm missing them so much! I'm gonna buy a new pair as soon as possible but until than I'm rocking in my Adidas sneakers on those lazy days.
     A new make up tutorial is on the way and if you follow me on Instagram, you could already see  some pics of the look. Thanks for reading! 


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