Sunday Wishes: PINK coat

Sunday, February 16, 2014

So, I thought that I'm gonna start a new series here, on the blog and it is gonna called: Sunday Wishes. So, basically, I'm writing about some fashion peice that I would like to have on every sunday and the reason why I'm doing it: I spend hours in front of the computer searching for my wished items, so maybe in this way I won't feel like I'm wasting time because of searching, now I can say that I'm just doing it for my blog! Haha! Good idea, right? 

Anyway, you can probably guess from the pictures that this sunday's wish is a pink coat! Lately, I saw these lovely baby pink coats on every blogger and youtuber and they enchanted me too. I just love the way how these light, feminine coats paired with leather or something more edgy looks like. Like it's just saying: Spring, come to me! Pastels, especially baby pink is gonna be the star of the upcomming spring season and I just can't wait to wear it already! 


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