Saturday, February 15, 2014

OH, MY GOSH! I love taking pictures about foods and drinks! They look as beautiful on the pictures as in real life.  Especially when you are in a restaurant they can decorate them so well. 

Anyway, I tried out the duble chocolatte frappé and cheese cake with rasberrie jam this week while hanging out with my friends at McCafé. The cheese cake was delicious and the frappé was amazing it's like drinking real chocolatte. Plus, of course, I couldn't leave the place without some new coffee experience so I also tried out the orange mocha which has a little orange spice to it. I'm not gonna lie I've drank better mocha before but it was nice. Next time I'm gonna try out the white chocolatte version too.
Maybe I'm gonna start a coffee series here on the blog because I really like trying out different cafés, restaurants and taking photos while I'm there. Let me know if you would like that! 


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